Looking for SEO leads to grow your client list?

Looking for SEO leads to grow your client list?

Are you a company owner or a freelancer looking for SEO leads to grow your client list?

In the last 10 years, SEO Leads Quote providing fresh and Exclusive leads for SEO businesses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. We are India Based SEO Leads provider we specialise in leads generation. We have good no. of employees for email marketing and we are able to generate high quality SEO Leads. We always maintain a quality in our SEO Leads services.

We are able to generate high quality SEO Leads by emailing or filling out the contact forms through Google search. Our team has been in the website designing and SEO Leads providing for years. 

We are the best at what we do. Finding new clients has never been so easier. 

Close 1-3 SEO clients/ 20 leads bought.

Why choose SEO Leads Quote?

  • Provides You 100% Fresh & Exclusive Leads.
  • No Leads Are Resold, Everyone Gets Unique Leads.
  • High close ratio (3 out of 20)
  • All leads generated through emailing or form filling.
  • Reasonable prices. 
  • 100% return on your investment.
  • 100% On Time Leads Delivery or money back. 
  • Bad Leads Will Be Replaced Within 24 Hours.
  • Unsubscribe option (who don’t want our emails) 

How We Generate The Leads?

Suppose your order for US based leads then our working strategy is as follow.

  • First we open: www.google.com (United States)
  • We put the keyword “New York Dentists”
  • We open each websites from the page 2-3 and collect their email ids or we use different kind of software’s to gather email addresses.
  • Then we send them emails through our bulk email software’s.

What is the profit after buying leads from us?

We have contacted many marketing agencies, who bought leads from many leads providers. They have big issue with the leads that. When their sales person call to leads, Client says that they are not interested or they didn’t respond any email.

Many leads provider many does big mistake that they send emails many times to the same person. So the client gets upset and threat over the call etc.

What we do for this?

  • We don’t send an email 2 times to 1 person.
  • If client not interested. We remove from our mailing lists.
  • We have unsubscribe option in our email.
  • Stop cold calling Start Calling on our Exclusive Leads.

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