How To Generate SEO Leads

How To Generate SEO Leads

How To Generate SEO Leads – Buy Fresh SEO Leads in USA

Whether your goal is to close a $1,000 or $50,000-a-month SEO client, you first need a solid process of generating the right SEO leads.

The lack of quality SEO leads might cost you your SEO agency.

The reason most people have a hard time finding SEO leads is because of two things – it’s either they’re new to SEO or they don’t have a clear process of attracting and closing the right SEO leads.

A. Do-It-Yourself Method of Getting SEO Leads

1. Know what to look for

It’s important to establish your target niche in SEO and set profile parameters. You have to approach this in a calculated manner and avoid doing random searches that will only waste your time.

Set your target market to different types according to their information.

For example, sort them by pain points, the services they need, and the amount they can afford to spend with your agency. If your aim is to generate $2,000+ a month then dentists with incomes of $100,000 to $210,000 per annum would be your ideal prospect. Likewise, if your target is $20,000 a month, then a law firm who has a monthly revenue of $200,000 or more is a good qualifier.

2. Know where to look

There are several sources you can check for possible SEO leads, whether it’s businesses in your area or your target area.

  • Search online directories: There are websites like Yellow Pages, City Squares, Yelp etc. that can help you get SEO leads with the contact information you need like website, email and phone number. It’s also easier for you to browse through them because they show you results based on the niche you choose and location.
  • Maps: Tools like Google Maps can be helpful in helping you track the right SEO leads. Head over to, type the keywords you want on the search bar (Example: Law Firm Texas) and it will give you a list of businesses under that keyword. 

This method also provides you with the business’ website if it’s available, and a complete address

  1. Search engines: May it be Google or Bing, you can use them by entering the location you want to target and your chosen niche. For example: “Dentists in Chicago”
  2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the best places to find quality leads. It’s a huge community of professionals from different industries. But you have to be ready to make an impression.
    Make sure you have everything prepared in your profile and as it should look presentable to your audience.
  3. Communicate with people that are already connected to you. If you somehow stumbled upon a contact whom you assessed is in need of your services then make proper introductions. Otherwise, don’t just randomly drop on people’s pages. It’s not really that hard to connect; almost everybody has a LinkedIn profile and people you met over at an event will most likely have one too.
  4. Joining LinkedIn Groups is also a form of socializing that can get you in contact with new people and potential SEO leads. Seize this opportunity to build your network and gain SEO leads at the same time.
  5. Allot a few minutes a day to grow your LinkedIn strategy. The important thing is to be consistent in your efforts and communicate. There will be updates from groups and people that can be opportunities you don’t want to miss. 
  6. Pro-tip: Don’t forget to optimize your website for lead generation. Every digital marketing initiative goes back to your website. if you’re successful in getting attention from LinkedIn and driving them to your website, make sure your leads find the information they need instantly.

B. Lead Finder or a SEO Lead Generator

A B2B SEO lead generation tool or a lead finder like ours is going to make discovering SEO leads less daunting. Combine it with a keyword research tool like SpyFu, and you got yourself the ultimate duo for finding qualified SEO leads. Manually generating SEO Leads can take up to an entire day (or more) and may end in lukewarm results. Using this tool will get you leads in less than 2 minutes.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your chosen niche
  2. SEO Lead Finder

The process of generating SEO Leads: 

  1. Open your tool of choice. (We, of course, trust our own Lead Finder.)
  2. In the location search bar, Enter the location you want to target and do the same in the keyword/niche search bar.
  3. Click Generate Leads, wait for a few seconds and there you have it, a long list of leads ready for picking.
You don’t have to open more web browsers and spend days looking for contacts or information. It’s also faster to check upon their online presence this way.

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